MY CONCEPTION OF DECENTRISM              Warsaw 1987

  All the existing works of art, rich in diversity as they are, may be categorised under one trend, centrism, whose essence is the fact of positioning the central part of a depicted element, whatever it may be, within the frames of the work. What is characteristic of the centric art is aiming at complete exposition of the presented object, regardless of the form that has been chosen. Centrism accepts depicting merely a part of some reality but only when the whole object cannot be bound by the picture entirely.

My conception of picture’s composition, in contrast to the centric one, is called Decentrism. A painting expresses the postulate of the decentrist thought when the centre of the depicted object is placed somewhere outside the work’s borders, from which place it dominates the depicted surrounding. Such composition principle, through creating tension between the hidden object and the visible background, allows for enhancing the significance of the object  or its surroundings according to their role.


Adam Wi¶niewski Snerg